Monday, March 3, 2008

Pinkie Party Report: 2007 Pink Fiddle

The 2007 Pink Fiddle ($18) made its debut this February and I have to say, its the best vintage yet.

An enticing vibrant strawberry color gets you to lean in and experience the burst of strawberry on the nose. The wine is not sweet, its tart with juicy strawberry notes and a touch of nutmeg and clove. I think this my favorite vintage of Pink Fiddle. Rose's are fantastic wine for a warm summer day. More about Pairings,winemaking and fun facts on Drinking Pink here

Wine making This is not a saignée*, the fruit was chosen and dedicated to the making of this delicious rose. 100% de-stemmed, cold-soaked at 40º F for 24 hours for delicate extraction of color and texture; lightly-pressed and cold-fermented at 50º F to complete dryness. Non-malolactic to keep the fragrance true to pinot noir.

*saignée is when you bleed off some juice from a fermenting batch of fruit. Often use to increase the ratio of skin to juice in order to intensify the remaining juice to improve the flavors. The leftover bleed or saignée can then be used to make a rose. I have also seen winemakers take this saignée and let it barrel ferment and use this batch later for blending purposes.


Anonymous said...

okay, now I REALLY feel bad that I didn't fork over the bucks to attend this party. WAHHHH!

SB Wine Advocate said...

Don't feel bad, just go next year :)

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