Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WBW: In Seven Words or Less 2005 Gaja Ca Marcanda Promis

I chose the 2005 Gaja Ca Marcanda Promis based on a recommendation from the commentary on a recent Sangiovese post and I was not disappointed. Score 1 for the wine blogging community. This wine is the product of a venture Angelo Gaja started in 1996 by venturing from Piedmonte to Toscana. He planted 150 acres of vineyards along the Tuscan seaboard in Maremma to source his Ca'Marcanda Label. Promis is a Super Tuscan blend of 55% Merlot, 35 % Syrah and 10% Sangiovese that was fermented separately and then blended together in early winter. Aged 18 months in new and near neutral oak this wine clocked in at a reasonable 13.5% alcohol.

So now for my Wine Blogging Wednesday entry, with the theme brought to us by Andrew over at Spittoon.

Tasting Notes in Seven Words or Less:

  • opulent cherry, rustic leathery tannins, fantastic acidity.

This wine was fantastic and possesses a great balance between opulent cherry cola fruit notes, leathery tannins, and a lovely bracing acidity that lends Italian wines to pair so well with food. This is a big wine so I'd suggest a big meal like lamb, NY Strip steak, or a delicious Tri-Tip. Stay in and grill a nice steak for your Valentine and share this lovely Italian wine. It will run you around $38-$44 or even higher so be sure to shop around. Considering that it costs less than a dozen marked-up roses, it's a bargain for Valentine's Day. Bring your lady a fabulous bottle of red to show your love. Anybody can pick up flowers, sharing a memorable wine with someone special indulges all your senses.


Anonymous said...

Good to see my comments are read. I still have dreams about this wine and should really go try to find another bottle.

SB Wine Advocate said...

Tim: yes, I read everyone's comments :) They have this wine at Wade's but I tasted on the cheap by going to Vinum Populi in LA and tasting from the machine for $2.00. It would have gone great with my dinner from Santa Maria BBQ in Culver City. It was delicious.

David McDuff said...

"Rustic" almost made it into my post as well, Amy. There's nothing like lamb with a good Tuscan red -- nice suggestion.

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