Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Party in Pink at Fiddlehead

Party in Pink this Saturday, at Fiddlehead Headquarters with the winemaker. It's the Annual Pinkie's Release Party on Feb 9th from 1 - 4pm. A ticket will run you $25 and there will be artisanal cheeses and rosé friendly appetizers, live music, and a Pink Costume Contest. Warm up for Valentine's day by digging out your finest Pink outfit and welcome the 2007 Pink Fiddle Pinot Noir Rose to the world with Kathy Joseph and other Fiddlechix folk. Here's the short version of how the 2007 Pink Fiddle got from fruit to bottle.

Winemaking Notes from Kathy's Site: Fruit Source: 100% Fiddlestix, 100% Sta. Rita Hills, 100% Estate-owned pinot noir.100% Pommard clone ($18)

"100% de-stemmed, cold-soaked at 40º F for 24 hours for delicate extraction of color and texture; lightly-pressed and cold-fermented at 50º F to complete dryness. Non-malolactic to keep the fragrance true to pinot noir."

Pink Fiddle was built from the ground up to be a Rosé. That is, it was not made as a a saignée (an early juice bleed by–product removed from an alternate red wine fermentation, with the intention of concentrating the red wine left behind) Rosé's made in this fashion can be more of an afterthought or perhaps a more efficient use of fruit. Kathy instead uses the entire Pinot Noir grape cluster to add desired complexity and character.

A small production of only 184 cases. This is Fiddlehead's only wine bottled using a screw cap closure. Its done to keep it fresh and to remind the consumer that its meant to be enjoyed in its youth. Serve it well chilled. This wine is so enjoyable every year and with such a lovely shade of pink, its a great idea for Valentine's Day. Rose's and Rosé are a great combination. I'm looking forward to tasting the new Pinkie.
More about Pairings,winemaking and fun facts on Drinking Pink here.


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