Monday, January 14, 2008

WTDOMN: Andrew Murray Tous les Jours

After a hard day Monday back at work and the harsh reality of the week looming ahead of you, you can treat yourself with an everyday inexpensive wine with dinner. This week, I'm recommending Andrew Murray's 2005 Tous les Jours Syrah. This wine can be found for $14-$18 bucks a bottle. I love that it has a screw cap closure so you can seal it up for another day. (Hint, screw caps on certain wines from one winemaker are often a sign that a wine should be consumed early.)

Tasting Notes:
Nose: smoky dark fruit and some mango notes as well. A finishing touch of graphite and shoe leather. Nice mouth feel with notes of blackberries and spice. A little hot at 15% alcohol but it calms down in the glass as it sits. This wine might benefit by being slightly chilled. ( Red's should be served at 65 degrees) Its standing up great to my takeout Pizza. Now, if I could only get ready for Tuesday.


Dr. Debs said...

I often have the same reaction to the Tous les Jours bottling: too darn hot. I like some of the others (especially Enchante, which I think is often overlooked but a pretty solid--tho expensive--Rhone blend). I've never considered slightly chilling the wine, but that's a good suggestion.

SB Wine Advocate said...

Thanks for the comment Dr Debs.
I've had different reactions to different bottles of this wine, sometimes it doesn't seem so hot but today it did unless paired with my pizza. I'm a big fan of their 25 dollar entry syrah the 2005 Syrah Santa Ynez Valley. Its usually very good.

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