Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2005 Foxen Sangiovese Volpino is good Vino

It has been a flurry of sports watching in our house with the NFL playoffs and Bruin Basketball. The Foxen Sangiovese wine paired great with friends, UCLA basketball, and Pizza. A big hit with everyone.

Tasting Notes:
2005 Foxen Sangiovese Volpino Red Table Wine($30)
78% Sangiovese from Faith Vineyard and 22% Merlot sourced from Volgelzang Vineyard
Color: Dark Garnet
Nose: Cherry, thyme, rosemary, blueberry and a touch of something that kind of reminded me of being a kid. It was like Play dohbut in a good way. Lets take that up a notch and call it earthy, perhaps clay.
Taste: Juicy cherry and raspberry up front, leathery tannins and a nice compact finish.

For those of you reading along with the Wine Book Club know.. you'll notice Vino Italiano peering out from behind the wine. I know this is a Cal Italian wine but hey this WCWC Adventures :) ...Anyway, just a subtle reminder that there are only a few more weeks to finish before the First Edition of the WBC in 2008!

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Velvet Fog said...

My two year old eats a lot of play doh. Maybe I can just chalk it up to palate training now?

Sonadora said...

How do you think the large percentage of merlot played into this wine? I've never had a Sangiovese that hasn't been all or mostly Sangiovese!

SB Wine Advocate said...

Velvet Fog, thanks for stopping by, yes play doh I realized equals "earthy"

Sonadora, good question. I found merlot used sometimes with sangiovese to provide some darker color and also a bit more structure to supplement the high( up front) cherry tones of the sangiovese grape. Sangiovese on its own can have a pretty thin mouthfeel and merlot can add a bit of dimension without hiding what you liked abou the Sangiovese in the first place. pleasing. Merlot also adds aromatic complexity to the wine without overpowering the Sangiovese.
Another inexpensive fav of mine it the Palmina Alisos blend ($22)

Anonymous said...

Sonadora, Amy, etc.,

Many of the "Super Tuscan" wines from italy are a blend of sangiovese and merlot (and often cabernet sauvignon, too.) Here is a wine that I had during harvest this last year that was stellar - Ca'Marcanda Promis -

P.s. It has mostly merlot, some syrah and a bit of sangiovese.

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