Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wine Blogging Wednesday : Fruili White Wines

Thank you again to Sonadora over at WannabeWino for hosting WBW #40. Please see the link to read all 52 posts. An amazing turnout. If you love Petit Sirah, check out the hard work done by for you by my fellow wine bloggers. January's WBW looks to be pretty interesting. Fork & Bottle is weighing in with white wines from Friuli. This will be an adventure for me since my expertise lies in wines from the West Coast of the US. I love AuBonClimat Tocai Friuliano ($18) and Palmina's Malvasia Bianca ( $25-$30) . Its worth every penny. Please, if you can, try the Malvasia Bianca. Its one of the most memorable white wines I've had from California. These wines are great examples of Italian white varietals in California but not from Friuli, so I'll be on the lookout for the holidays of a worthy candidate.

If anyone knows of a great wine shop in Southern California or Portland,Oregon where I will be during part of the holidays, let me know. Otherwise, I'll be using Fork & Bottle's list of recommended producers to start my hunt. Also if you have tasting rooms that you can recommend in the Willamette Valley, send them my way.


Anonymous said...

Izo Wine Co in Beaverton (very close to Portland) looks to have an excellent section of Friuli.

In L.A. you have Woodland Hills, Wine Warehouse, and Wally's. A store that imports most of the wine they sell is Wine Expo (ask for Roberto), but Friuli is not this store's strength.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this WBW as well, but now I really want to try the Palmina! I will hound my sales rep to see if I might be able to get a sample bottle. Or, ummm, maybe I should just buy one!

SB Wine Advocate said...

Jack: Thanks for the advice. I'll check out Izo in Beaverton when I there. ( no sales tax :)

Jill, I really loved the 2005 Palmina. Let me know if you track some down locally. Its delicious. Amazing nose and fab mouthfeel.

Anonymous said...

Abacela in Roseburg, great Tempranillo, tell Earl and Hilda I said hi!

Wine Scamp said...

Sokol Blosser and Adelsheim rock the house for tasting rooms in the WV. Avoid Duck Pond; very commercial and crowded. Been meaning to hit Erath, Argyle and Dom. Serene -- so I think you should!

Enjoy beautiful rainy Oregon!

Anonymous said...

Ken Volk also makes a Malvasia Blanca, under his Aqua Pumpkin label. It does make a lovely wine, doesn't it?

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