Thursday, December 20, 2007

Have Wine will Travel: Bottlewise Wine Bag

Looking forward to heading up to Portland,Oregon to visit the parents for the holidays. My new post Christmas tradition is to take some time to head over to the wineries in Willamette Valley. Even with or because of the clouds and the rain this time of year, I am amazed at how much natural beauty had been available to me only about 30 minutes from my parents house. I look at those steep hillsides that most of the wineries grown on and have a moment of empathy for when it comes time to harvest. Harvest workers in Oregon must get quads of steel compared to some of their California compatriots. Somehow I think there's an odd reality show in there. Survivor: Harvest. One team has to restart a stuck fermentation before .. Anyway, so far I 've made my way to and can WCWC recommend Erath, Carlton Winemakers Studio, Cuneo, Argyle, Domaine Drouhin, Torii Mor, and probably a few more that don't come to mind. This time I'm hoping to strike out and explore some more while stopping by some favorites.

The dilemma that seems to occur often is that I find good wine and then feel this need to buy it but then fret over how I'm going to get it back with me and find unusual ways of packing it in with my clothes and hope for the best. I recently got wind of this product and thought it might be just the thing for traveling wine tasters. This bag has two removable padded pouches that hold two 750ml bottles and will fit right in your suitcase. Each pouch has a resealable liquid liner to protect your other stuff in case of bottle breakage. It also just looks handy overall to carry you wine with you while traveling. Head over to Bottlewise to check it out.


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