Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We're Jammin: 2005 Brochelle Zinfandel

Continuing the Mountain terroir theme but in a different AVA. The Westside of Paso Robles brings us another wonderful Zinfandel. Brochelle Vineyards, 2005 Zinfandel is Zintastic. Score 1 for the westsiders in the east vs westside Paso debate.
This wine hails from the Brochelle Vineyards. A 20 Acre steep mountainside vineyard with head pruned zinfandel and dry farmed vines. The commensurate lower yield from these techniques pays off in the intense flavors of this wine.
Tasting Notes: Ruby color. Lovely nose of spice, strawberry, cherry, dark chocolate and a touch of vanilla. Taste: Jammy strawberry and cherries, dark chocolate, a bit of a zing, and a nice note of vanilla on the finish. I suppose what you smell is what you get with this wine.
This wine definitely benefited from decanting. The mouth feel developed beautifully and was pleasantly well rounded. Prices for this wine vary in the $20-$30 range, see Winesearcher or K& L
Wine Geek Facts from their website :

  • Harvest date 9/1/05 Brix 25.8 • Alcohol 15.6%
  • • 1590 cases produced
  • • Aged Seventeen months in 80% French (10% new), 20% American oak barrels
  • • Appellation: Paso Robles, Estate Grown
  • • 98.5% Zinfandel, 1.5% Syrah


Zach said...

Agreed, this is a great wine. Keep up the reviews. I love reading them

SB Wine Advocate said...

Thanks for the feedback Zach! I'll keep up with the reviews. Thanks for stopping by. ps: what's triggit?

Brock & Michelle Waterman said...

Hello Amy,
Thank you very much for the positive write-up on your site; we are pleased to hear you enjoyed our Zinfandel recently. We are exceedingly grateful to all of those that purchase and enjoy our wines. We truly enjoy the art of our craft, and the fact that others are discovering our passions inside each bottle are just icing on the cake. We are really blessed to be able to do what we love to do in life, and it is our hope that this continues to shine through in our wines. Thanks again - we wish you a very happy holiday season and great success!!

SB Wine Advocate said...

Thank you for the holiday wishes! We loved the wine here at WCWC Adventures. We look forward to making a visit next time we are in Paso. Do you have tastings by appt?
Your passion is evident in your wines. Great work!

Tim said...

You are right about this wine. It is by far my favorite small-production zinfandel from the whole Paso Robles area. It somehow manages to be bold and refined at the same time and is consistently stunning every vintage. Hope I still have some of the 2005 left in my closet.

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