Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Small Big Wineries: Why small winemaking styles are taking off at big wineries

Wines and Vines has an interesting Article on how big producers like Louis M. Martini and Rodney Strong are setting up boutique wineries within the winery or WWW. A great scientific experiment to show why certain winemaking methods while not scalable are preferable for the more sophisticated consumer.

Some Highlights from Tina Caputo over at Wines and Vines

  • "Small-production winemaking is driving the growth of the U.S. wine industry.
  • Half of the wineries in North America are producing less than 15,000 cases per year.
  • Today's more sophisticated wine drinkers are seeking out limited-production labels.
  • Louis M. Martini and Rodney Strong wineries have created smaller wineries within their main facilities for making higher-end, limited-production wines."


Mark V Marino said...

Hey Tim, yes Rodney Strong's most recent buy out was Davis bynum where they bought all the inventory as well as the fruit with Davis on as a consulant so they could fianlly make a great Pinot Noir. Davis has now replaced his sign with River Bend Ranch his second label! Wow, hew has some great deals over there on Westside Rd Check my article

SB Wine Advocate said...

Hi WineLimo, Thanks for the comment. I think tese wine's will be a great bargain for the consumer going forward. I'm happy to see these practices being embraced by the big guys. It shows a more discerning american palate which can only mean more good wine in the future.


Anonymous said...

Amy . . . thanks for stopping by swirling notions -- great to see you there.

I love this whole concept of winemakers at the bigger companies crafting small lot wines for a more discerning audience, and I've really enjoyed learning more about it with Clod du Bois. Their premium wines are most certainly on par--from a craftsmanship level--with the smaller producers. The fact that their Calcaire Chardonnay (Erik's premium reserve Chardonnay) won "the sweeps" for Best in Class White Wine at the Sonoma County Fair is pretty solid evidence that it works.

SB Wine Advocate said...

Hi Lia,

Thanks for checking out the site. I'll have to be on the lookout for the reserve Clos du Bois wines. Its great to see your winemaker getting a chance to experiment.

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