Monday, November 5, 2007

Less is More: 2007 Santa Barbara County Vintage Predictions

Fall is my favorite time to go up to Santa Ynez. Fall is the one season I tend to miss from back east and Wine country is the place to go for a taste of fall in California. The grape vines are all turning golden and getting ready to go dormant for the winter.

Check out this article from the SB Independent discussing the smaller harvest and what it means to the 2007 vintage.
"Because the yields were low – in some places even 35 percent below normal – winemakers say the vines delivered stronger flavors to the grapes, which could make for the best vintage in county history"

Here's to 2007!
photo courtesty of SB Independent.


Tim said...

There may be less overall fruit this year, but what fruit there is out there is ripening kinda slowly. There is still about 20% of the vineyard at Star Lane left to be picked out. Harvest might end by Thanksgiving. Maybe.

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