Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Grgich Hills Estate Wines Tasting Thursday Nov 15th

The Wineyard in Thousand Oaks will have Grgich Hills pouring their new vintages of the chardonnay, merlot, cabernet and zinfandel this Thursday. I've missed this tasting before when it came into town. Hoping to go tommorrow.


Mark V Marino said...

Go Mike was the guy that put Paris on there ear back in 1976 while he was working for Montelena. He makes some mean Chardonnay, although it has gotten a bit pricey in recent years.

SB Wine Advocate said...

Thanks, we did manage to go thursday, there's also a tasting on friday. I fear my palatte was tainted by dental work. I had to get a cavity filled before I went.

I did enjoy the chardonnay.

SB Wine Advocate said...

I have to say thought, for their prices points, there are other chards I would buy that express the varietal with a bit less oak influence.


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