Friday, October 12, 2007

Top Picks for Harvest Festival Weekend in Santa Barbara County Wine Country

  1. Driving up from the South, I'd start out by stopping at Summerland Winery just south of Santa Barbara. They will be having snacks and a 20% discount on wine. Their black label Pinot Noir is a steal at $20 retail. Etienne's wine's in the single vineyard collection are just delicious.
  2. If you want to stay around SB, stop by Jaffur's Tasting Room
  3. Either go on to the festival or stop by any of these tasting rooms. Alma Rosa,Foley, Melville, Then on to the Lompoc Wine Ghetto and try Palmina and Fiddlehead.
  4. Sunday, I'd recommend ABC open house right in the middle of the famous Bien Nacido Vineyard in Santa Maria or over to the Cheer's for Charlotte Event at the Huber Vineyard.
  5. Otherwise Sunday, drive up to Foxen Winery and then swing back to downtown Los Olivos and head over to Wine Country , Longoria, and Andrew Murray after grabbing a snack at Panino.
These are great tasting rooms anytime of the year so if you don't make it this weekend, come up soon.


Daveo said...

Pick an area in the Valley and go with it. With many choices at your disposal, it can be easy to get in the mindset that you "have to see it all". To get a really good flavor of the Valley, focus as the WineAdvoChick mentions so you can taste how two or three wineries within a close proximity and see how similar or different wines can taste. A nice three-for is the Babcock, Melville, and Foley triumvirate. We have never been disappointed with any of these three. In my humble opinion, aside from the wine ghetto wineries, they are making some of the valleys most interesting wines and outstanding Santa Rita Hills pinots. For an excellent picnic amongst some awesome vistas (Babcock) and interesting Tuscan architecture (Melville), these are tough to beat.

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