Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Santa Barbara's Celebration of Harvest Weekend: Pouring for the wine loving public

Instead of cellar work at Central Coast, we got let out into public today to pour the 2005 and 2006 wines. This was my first experience at Celebration of Harvest from behind the table. ( See the view from our table) I volunteered to help Jeff Wilkes(pictured below) pour his fine wines. Its amazing the variety of wine fans that attend these events. There were novices who really got jazzed learning about the influences of terroir. They really wanted to understand why the wines all taste so different. Then there were people who came prepared with all sorts of wine geek gear like necklaces to hold their wine glass.
The best was to see how genuinely interested most people were in the wines. Its so gratifying to discuss wine with wine lovers. Another tip for you wine tasters, if you've been a fan of the winemaker and talk about previous vintages you loved, you sometimes might get poured some of the extra special bottle under the table. Shhh.. Plus you get to hear great stories from the winemaker.

Overall a great day, we were pouring 3 different pinot noirs that were a hit at the festival. Numerous people came up and said that this was the best Pinot they tasted all day! See my previous write up for tasting notes

I didn't get to taste too much since I was working but I will recommend a few in upcoming posts.


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