Friday, October 19, 2007

Huber Vineyards: Cheers for Charlotte: The White Report

Wow $10 bucks to get access to the Huber Vineyards, their wines, Norm Yost's Flying Goat wines, Prodigal, and DiBruno and Curran. I'm still shocked we got all that for the price of 1 drink in LA. We started with the whites.

My first wine was the Curran Gerwertzaminer. If you find this wine, you must buy it. An absolutely beautiful nose, so floral and feminine. I wanted it as a perfume. And on a warm day just a great lovely white to sip. Next was the DiBruno Pinot Grigio. Again, I wasn't dissapointed. I skipped the Curran 2006 Grenache Blanc because I 've enjoyed it before. Traudl of Huber Wines pictured to the left. Norm Yost to the right

Then we moved on to see our dinner companions from the night before and try the Flying Goat Pinot Gris. A light and lovely wine to have with a cheese plate. We skipped the 2006 Goat Bubbles because we had a bottle the night before and we already know its a great pinot noir sparkler.

The Huber's offered two different 2005 Chardonnay's. poured by Norm and Traudl. One was oak fermented the other was stainless steel. In the end I liked both but loved the creamy mouthfeel the oak gave the varietal. In the end its what you prefer, right?

Prodigal made a Pinot Gris but there wasn't any left by the time we got there.


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